A new way to enjoy
Capcom's famous arcade titles. 32 titles in all!

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Includes new game options, such as the "Rewind" feature,
adjustable difficulty level and game speeds, and a save/load system so you can stop and start whenever you want!

Enjoy the games in various ways such as playing co-op or head-to-head locally with your friends,
comparing your score and time over online leaderboards, or simply having a fun time with each individual title.
There are lots of play styles and ways to enjoy the games,
whether you're a fan of the original arcade classics, or if you're a newcomer.

With a total of 32 challenging titles to enjoy you'll have plenty of content at your fingertips!

Quality-of-life features for frustration-free classic gaming!

Capture the arcade experience!

A wide range of display settings, including 3D-rendered arcade cabinets and scanline filters, allow you to customize your play experience and truly relive the glory days of the arcade. Even the buttons and levers will move according to your input! But unlike those unwieldy cabinets, with Arcade Stadium you can even turn the screen and make vertical scrollers into side-scrollers!

Retry any time!

Forget starting over every time you get a game over at that tough spot—the "Rewind" feature lets you try again if you make a mistake. It's perfect for practicing your moves before you show off your gameplay!

Adjust gameplay to match your skills!

Arcade games aren't famous for being easy! If you find yourself struggling, select an easier difficulty level or slow down the game speed to catch your breath. Advanced players can also challenge themselves by setting the game to a harder difficulty level or faster game speed.

Game speed can be adjusted on the fly during gameplay, so you can play at a normal speed and only slow down when you need to, or speed up briefly and blast through the sections you've mastered.

Save and load whenever you want!

Save at any time during gameplay so you can pick up where you left off whenever you have a spare moment! With 32 save slots available, there's enough room to take on the whole line-up all at once.

Compete against rivals around the world!

Put your name on the worldwide leaderboard with Score and Timed Challenges! For something a little different, you can try Special Challenges and compete while playing with the screen inverted or trying other unique features.
Note: Challenges are available for the Nintendo Switch™ version after purchasing downloadable content.

Track Your Gameplay History!

The Game Records feature allows you to view your total playtime, number of play sessions, and a variety of other details.
Check out the Game Records by opening the Status screen via the Select Game screen.


Relive the height of Capcom's arcade era with a collection of
shooters, action, fighting, puzzle, and sports games ranging from 1984 to 2004!

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium

Nintendo Switch / PlayStation®4 /
Xbox One / PC

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